Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you that starting from today (May 16th 2016) we will no longer sell the TAG programmer as a programming device for the Abrites diagnostic software applications. Tomorrow (May 17th 2016) celebrates PROTAG's first day as our primary key programmer.

PROTAG will support all the current features of the TAG programmer but will also include many new ones as part of the evolution of our key programming hardware and software.The improvements include but are not limited to Infra-red (IR) key-programming and Hitag AES key recognition.

ABRITES is proud to present its latest promotion. For the past 10 years we have proven ourselves not only in the field of development for diagnostic equipment but also in our relationship with clients, not only offering them technical support but also analysing their needs and offering them the best solutions on the market. As part of that initiative, we have created packages that have been tailored to your requirements and show the continued tradition of doing our utmost to satisfy each and every desire of both old and new customers.

This promotion is valid from 9 May to 20 May 2016.

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ABRITES Diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart

The new update of the ABRITES Diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart (version 8.5) includes changes and improvements to the DAS Manager special function:
- EZS password reading without an existing key improved. Models currently supported for EZS password reading without working key include: W176 (A-class 2012+), W246 (B-class 2011+), W166 (ML/GL 2012/2013), W212 (E-class 2009+), R172 (SLK 2011+), W218 (CLS 2012+)
- EZS password finding is now faster. The speed improvements can be seen in both BGA and NEC MCU  key types. Speed improvements made to both the situations where a working key is present and where such is not available (with or without working key)
- DAS related electronic control unit renewal improvements in speed and support. New modules added
- Improved EZS personalization includes the latest models with FBS3

All of the above is free for all AVDI owners with valid AMS and special function MN026

A new addition to the ABRITES Emulator family (EM002). 

The ABRITES ESL emulator for Renault vehicles (EM002) is one of the most advanced ESL emulators currently available. The ABRITES ESL emulator is part of the all new ABRITES design, manufacturing and development process which allows the whole emulator unit to be designed, developed and produced in-house by us.

The currently supported models include Renault Megane II, Megane III, Laguna III, Scenic III, Clio IV and Fluence.

ABRITES Diagnostics for Renault/Dacia 6.9

We have released a new special function RR011. This special function allows:
* Reading and updating the EEPROM of the following ECUs:
- EDC15C3, EDC15C13, EDC17, SIRIUS32, SID301, SIM32, SAFIR/SAFIR2/SAFIR200 (reading only), IAW 6R.20, IAW 6R.30 (reading only)
* Reading and updating the FLASH of the following ECUs:
- EDC15C3, EDC15C13, EDC17, SIRIUS32, SID301, SIM32
* Clearing IMMO code data for the following ECUs:

ABRITES Diagnostics for Fiat/Lancia/Alfa/FCA

Abrites diagnostics for FIAT/ Alfa/ Lancia/ FCA now features:
* Updates to the key learning functions with the inclusion of the following models:
- FIAT Freemont. Free for all owners of FN016 or CR005
- Dodge Nitro. Free for all owners of FN016
- Dodge Viper (2013+). Free for all owners of FN016 or CR005
- Dodge Dart.Free for all owners of FN016
- Dodge RAM, RAM (Mexico), RAM 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500. Free for all owners of FN016 or CR005
- Jeep Liberty (2008+).Free for all owners of FN016 or CR005
* Added PIN code reading from the Wireless Control Module (WIN/WCM) or Radio Frequency Hub (RFH) for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles(2006-2011). Free for all owners of FN016 or CR005

ABRITES Diagnostics for Ford/Mazda

ABRITES diagnostics for Ford/ Mazda version 6.3 provides the following new additions to the software:
* Reading and updating the EEPROM of the following RCM (airbag modules) of the following 95320/95640 types by OBD:
- AM5T-14B321-xx ( Bosch / 95320) - Ford Focus 2010+
- BM5T-14B321-xx ( Bosch / 95320)
- CM5T-14B321-xx ( Bosch / 95320)
- DM5T-14B321-xx ( Bosch / 95640)
- EM5T-14B321-xx ( Bosch / 95640)
- CV4T-14B321-xx ( Bosch / 95640)- Ford Kuga 2013+
- DV4T-14B321-xx ( Bosch / 95640)
- CJ5T-14B321-xx ( Bosch / 95640) - Ford Escape
- FJ5T-14B321-xx ( Bosch / 95640)

* DPF regeneration for the following engine types in the following vehicles:
- 1.4 TDCI - Ford Fiesta 2008, 2010, 2013
- 1.6 TDCI - Ford Focus/CMax 2011, 2015
- 1.8 TDCI - Ford Focus/CMax 2011, 2015, Mondeo/SMax/Galaxy 2007, 2011,2015
- 2.0 TDCI - Mondeo/SMax/Galaxy 2007, 2011
- 2.2 TDCI - Mondeo/SMax/Galaxy 2007, 2011
- 2.4 TDCI - Transit 2006, 2010, 2013

* GEM configuration Ford Focus/CMax MK2 - 2003, 2008.
The function allows the adding of a cruise control module to vehicles that were not equipped with such from the factory.

All of the above functionality is free for all AVDI owners with valid AMS.

ABRITES Diagnostics for Jaguar and Land Rover

* Key learning support improvements by the expansion of the support list for vehicles with the inclusion of the following versions of RFA module:
- FK72-14C105-AG
- FK72-14C105-AH. Free for all owners of JL002

ABRITES diagnostics for BMW/Mini

The Abrites diagnostics for BMW version 30.0 provides the following features:
* Major improvements regarding the speed of the software as well as its stability in the following areas:
- Better speed with slower internet connection.
- Excellent sampling rate with improved time intervals regardless of the internet speed.
- New modules covered for live data sampling and improved graphic details.
* ISN reading improved in the following situations:
- When the DME/ DDE and CAS are not replaced.
- When the internet connection is worse than normal
- New DME/ DDE models added (including the MSD 8.5.3 and related DME/DDEs)
* Many improvements when working on older cars (E- series)

ABRITES Diagnostics for VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda

Abrites diagnostics for VAG version 27.3 now offers:
* The ability to make a key from an ELV dump in the cases where all keys are lost for the A6/A7/A8 2010+ cars. Free of all owners of AN059
* The addition of the Touareg 7P (2010+) to the supported list of BCM 2 all keys lost vehicles. Free of all owners of AN059
* Audi A1, Q3 and other 2012+ VDO NEC clusters added to the support list for mileage recalibration and key programming. Free for all owners of AN044 and AN050
* VW Touran 2015 added to the support list for mileage recalibration and key programming. Free for all owners of AN044 and AN050
* Updates to the component protection special functions in the form of new versions for component protection being added for the A6/ Q7 Climatronic modules. Free for all owners of AN052