All AVDI owners with a valid AMS will receive their links on 30 September 2015 at the latest

ABRITES Diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart

- Added new functionality for access to the EZS(EIS)/ESL configuration data (eeprom/hashes) by OBDII/DLC. Free for all owners of MN018 or MN022

- Improved functionality for EZS(EIS)/ESL personalization. Free for all owners of MN018 or MN022

- Added support for the newer software versions for electronic transmission control units 7G  renewal by OBDII. Free for all owners of MN023

- The new version of the ABRITES Diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart includes support for the new PROTAG transponder/ir-key programmer which can be used for programming infra red keys via it's IR port. This functionality will be free for all owners of MN018 or MN022 or MN024. PROTAG programmer must be purchased separately.

- Improved DAS3 key programming procedures (added support for PROTAG programmer). In case a PROTAG programmer is available internet connection is not needed for calculating key dumps. Free for all owners of MN018 or MN022 or MN024. PROTAG programmer must be purchased separately.

- Bugfixes

ABRITES Diagnostics for Nissan/Infiniti

- We are happy to announce the brand new Abrites diagnostics for Nissan/Infiniti. The current version of the Abrites diagnostics for Nissan/Infiniti is a big step forward in the software's evolution.The new incarnation provides many new and improved diagnostic features. For example a convenient new approach to the live data reading has been added, allowing a workshop to diagnose even the most complicated issues.  Many actuator tests have been included to provide even further assistance to workshops. There have been many improvements to the reading of the diagnostic trouble codes, as well as adding new models to the supported list.

ABRITES Diagnostics for Fiat/Lancia/Alfa/FCA

- The Abrites diagnostics for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is the latest new addition tho the Abrites diagnostic software's arsenal when it comes to the vehicles produced by the FCA. In the current version we are happy to provide our customers with diagnostic functions for all the latest (2013+) models produced by Fiat, Chrysler, Alfa, Jeep and others. This will have the options for diagnostics such as reading and clearing DTCs, full availability for actuator testing and data display from the available modules. We have developed the Abrites diagnostic software for FCA in such a way that it rivals the OEM in terms of details, surpasses it in speed and agility. The latest tested models supported by the Abrites diagnostics for FCA are (Chrysler 200; Fiat 500X; Dodge Challenger LA and Challenger LC; Dodge Charger; Jeep Cherokee KL; Jeep Compass; Dodge Dart; Dodge Durango WD; Jeep Grand Cherokee WK; Jeep Liberty KK; Fiat Novo UNO FL; Dodge RAM DX (Mexico); Dodge RAM DS 1500; Dodge RAM DJ 2500; Dodge RAM DD 3500 Cab chassis; Dodge RAM D2 3500 Pickup; Dodge DP RAM 4500/ 5500; Jeep BU Renegade; Chrysler JS Sebring; Dodge Viper ZD SRT; Jeep Wrangler JK and Jeep J8 Wrangler (Export model) ). Free for all AVDI owners

ABRITES Diagnostics for VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda

- This version of the software will include numerous updates and improvements, chief among which will be the extended diagnostic functionality for all UDS based models. The ability to view and analyze live data. Also new and improved adaptations will be available. Free for all AVDI owners
- Another new feature in the Abrites diagnostics for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda version 27.0 will be the IMMO V engine control unit adaptation for the A6/A7/A8/Touareg. Free for all owners of AN053
- Added Audi A4/A5/Q5/A6/A7/A8 electronic steering lock adaptation. Requires dump of the BCM2 from the car from where you take the ELV (and for A6/A7/A8 also a working key from the car from where you take the ELV). Free for all owners of AN049+AN053
- Added support for Megamos 48 keyless-go keys ( e.g. VW Scirroco, Jetta, Golf 6, Tuguan, Touaran 20010+ and others). Free for all owners of AN050
- Added some versions of A4/A5 dashboards for component protection. Free for all owners of AN052

ABRITES Diagnostics for BMW/MINI

- The Abrites diagonostics for BMW version 26.0 features improved service intervals detection and reading. This includes the latest models from the F series as well. Free for all owners of BN012
- Improved vehicle order coding names resolution for F series, providing a more clear naming to the coding functionality thus allowing easier coding, taking up less time. Free for all owners of BN012
- Improved FSC generation for NBT. Now with the whole new generation of Navigational units the Abrites diagnostics for BMW 26.0 handles FSC. Free for all owners of BN012
- Improved reading of ISNs which brings the key learning capabilities another step. Free for all owners of BN012
- Additional improvements made to the cases where the customer has poor Internet connection.

ABRITES Diagnostics for Ford/Mazda

- Added mileage recalibration for the Ford Mondeo MY 2015. Free for all owners of FR005
- Added key learning for the 2015 Ford Focus. This applies to the models equipped with mechanical keys. Free for all owners of FR007

ABRITES Diagnostics for Jaguar and Land Rover

- There has been an overall improvement of the diagnostic capabilities of the Abrites diagnostics for Jaguar and Land Rover. Free for all AVDI owners
- Apart from that the 2008+ Land Rover Freelander has been added to the list of vehicles supported for odometer calibration. Free for all owners of JL003

ABRITES Diagnostics for Volvo

- Addition of service functions as well as improved performance. Resets, monitoring and others have been included for all models. Free for all owners of VL003

ABRITES Diagnostics for Subaru

- Key learning added for the K-line protocol models produced before MY2008. Impreza, Legacy, Legacy Outback, Forester, B9 Tribeca.
- Additions to the DTC list, improved diagnostic capabilities.
- Diesel injector learning (reading and upating) for all 2 liter Boxer diesel engines up to MY 13 - MY 14. All this is free for all AVDI owners