With the total update of the Abrites diagnostics for VAG (version 28.0) we would like to offer our customers the new, easier to use version of our software.
Based on the requests our customers made where the special functions need to be simplified we made new special functions for VAG.

I. All current customer special functions will be kept so nothing will be lost. The new special functions are now in a very simple form according to what they do and the field of expertise of our customers:

1. VN001 - Mileage Calibration Special Function. This function includes the following existing functions:
- AN002, AN006, AN007, AN012, AN028, AN033, AN034, AN044

2. VN002 - Parts AdaptationSpecial Function. This function includes the following existing functions:
- AN003, AN004, AN005, AN006, AN007, AN008, AN010, AN011, AN014,AN015, AN021, AN022, AN023, AN025, AN029, AN032, AN034,
AN035, AN036, AN037, AN038, AN039, AN040, AN041, AN043, AN045 AN046, AN047, AN048, AN049, AN052, AN053, AN055, AN056,
AN057, AN058

3. VN003 - Key Learning Special Function.This function includes the following existing functions:
- AN006, AN007, AN018, AN019, AN021, AN022, AN023, AN024, AN025, AN026,
AN027, AN030, AN031, AN032, AN033, AN034, AN038, AN039, AN041,AN043, AN044, AN045, AN049, AN050, AN059

4. VN004 - EDC17/MED17 Boot Mode Reading. This function includes the following existing functions:
- AN042, AN051, AN054

The new unification also includes a very easy to use special function menu where the special functions are restructured to ensure that it is easier to find
all you need from the start.

Apart from the simplification we have not forgotten about the updates that will be available to our customers.

II. Here are the new features in version 28.0 other than the above:

1. Integration of the distribution box (ZN051) for reading/writing of EDC17/MED17 by boot mode. With this function we are now able to use the Abrites Distribution
Box (ZN051) to read EDC17/ MED17 via boot mode. Our new feature makes it easier for the owners of the ZN051 to operate EDC17/ MED17 in boot mode. Free for all owners of the VN004 special function. ZN051 must be purchased separately.
2. EDC17/MED17 mileage calibration through boot mode - requires the distribution box (ZN051). This feature will allow you to correct the mileage of an EDC/ MED 17 in order to match the mileage to the cars when replacing the ECU from one car to the other. Free for all owners of the VN004 special function. ZN051 must be purchased separately.
3. Reading of EDC17C64 is now possible (PFlash/DFlash, i.e. flash and EEPROM) - requires the distribution box (ZN051). Free for all owners of the VN004 special function.
4. Component protection for A6/Q7 CD Changer has been added in order to allow the exchange of the units (Panasonic non-MP3 CD changers are supported). Free for all owners of the VN002 special function.
5. A6/A7/A8 all keys lost possibility to learn keys when there is no electronic steering lock (ELV) is available in the car. Free for all owners of the VN003 special function.
6. Possibility to adapt A4/A5/Q5/A6/A7/A8 transmission (TCU) from the BCM2 and key dump (from the car from where the replacement transmission is taken. You need to read the BCM2 and key from the donor). Free for all owners of the VN002 special function.

All customers with valid AMS should expect their update links after Jan 16 2017

January 2017 Software Update
To start the new year off with all the best that did not make it in time for 2016 we are happy to provide to our customers ,both existing and new, our new update
It will include the below updates to start with. Stay tuned to see the rest of the updates next week!

Customers with AMS can expect their updates after January.16. 2017

Abrites Diagnostics for Peugeot/ Citroen 7.1
The upcoming update to the Abrites diagnostics for Peugeot/ Citroen will include the following:

We are introducing the next step in the PIN reading and key learning for the Peugeot and Citroen - PN014 (upgrades from PN012 will be available)
- Emergency start - this requires to read the PIN from the BSI or ECU and and then start the engine without a programmed key (Free for all owners of PN014 with a valid AMS).
- Reading an writing the EEPROM/odometer for Peugeot 308 II, Peugeot 3008/5008, Citroen C3 II/DS3, Citroen C4 Picasso II with TFT dashboards (Free for all owners of PN013 with a valid AMS).
- PIN reading and odometer writing for JCI BSI 2015+ with the ability to disable dashboard synchronization (Free for all owners of PN014 and PN013 with a valid AMS).
- Added read/write EEPROM/PIN/odometer for Siemens BSI K-Line such as the Peugeot Partner, Citroen C3, Berlingo and e.t.c (Free for all owners of PN013 and PN014 with a valid AMS).
- Added keyless keys registration after learning (Free for all customers with a valid AMS).
- Improved PIN reading from Engine Control Unit on older vehicles with 250K CAN (Free for all owners of PN014 with a valid AMS).
- Improved support for Citroen C5 II dashboards (Free for all owners of PN013 with a valid AMS).

Abrites diagnostics for Renault/ Dacia 7.2

One of the major improvements in the past few months was the Abrites diagnostics for Renault. The software grew immensley and our development team
moved yet another step closer to being the Golden standard for Renault and Dacia vehicles.
Our new (RR014) special function builds on where the airbags (RR013) function started and establishes a trend that all of our service specialist customers working on Renault/ Dacia will surely appreciate. (RR014 - update from airbag; free for all users of RR013)
- EEPROM/Odometer reading and writing for Renault Scenic II (Free for all customers with a valid AMS and RR009).
- Improved recognition of K-Line ECUs The Abrites diagnostics for Renault team compromised and moved a step backwards to develop on the K-line cars but this
was really necessarry because of the vehicles that needed assistance (Free for all customers with a valid AMS).

Abrites diagnostics for Nissan/ Infiniti 5.6
The current update to the Abrites diagnostics for Nissan/ Infiniti focuses mainly on the PIN code extraction and key learning. This update takes an all
new approach to the extraction of PIN codes because it now allows you to extract and calculate the PIN code of the vehicle from the ICU or the SEC label.
This, of course, includes 20 digit pin codes (Free for all owners of NN006 and a valid AMS)

Abrites diagnostics for Bikes 1.9

A unique product as always. The Abrites diagnostics for Bikes is represented in many motorbike repair shops for its diagnostic capabilities and
it also remais a motorcycle locksmith favorite. This time it is the locksmiths who will benefit most because all customers with a valid AMS and the
BK002 special function will have the ability to learn keys for bikes with EFI TECHNOLOGY PGN04/PGR04 such as the Harley- Davidson RGCs from 2012.

Since the beginning of development of the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes and the DAS manager we have always wanted to provide our customers with a neater and more convenient

solution to connect to the Mercedes – Benz than the ZN041 y-splitter cables and relay.

The ZN041 was able to do the job but the chance to lose a part of it, forget it when going to a car or damage it was large besides it was harder to manufacture and not as multifunctional.

Because of the constant evolution of our tools and the addition of new functionality pushed us to the next natural step - ZN051 Abrites Distribution Box.

The ZN051 allows us to connect it clean between the AVDI and the OBD without having a bundle of cables hanging from the OBD while we are working and adding confusion and additional time to trace

what is connected where instead of spending more time to work on the car. In addition the fuse relay is now built into the Abrites Distribution Box and its work can also be monitored by the built-in LED.

Using the ZN051 we also open the door for many new features. It allows us to work easily with boot mode on EDC17/ MED17 boot mode for the Abrites diagnostics for VAG and others as well.

The distribution box now also includes the option to be updated so all new future functions and features will be available immediately.

In short our ZN041 evolved in a new neater and more convenient solution the features of which will expand beyond just the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes.


We would like to bring to your attention a solution to a very common issue you may face known as the U2300 DTC. Whenever you change the ABS module on a late generation Mazda 2, Mazda 3, Mazda 6, Mazda CX-5, etc. it is common to get the U2300 - Central Configuration Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). This is a well known issue to which there was no ready solution so far. This can be solved with the Abrites Diagnostics for Ford/ Mazda and for the moment we believe to be the only company to provide it.  Please note that the function will be available to all customers with a valid AMS. For more information please contact


Dear Customers,

On behalf of the Abrites team we would like to inform you that all our customers with an AVDI with a valid AMS will receive

the latest Abrites software updates by November 3rd 2016.

For more information about the updates please read the detaield descriptions about the upcoming updates in the articles below.

- Added a completely new function for extracting PIN codes directly the from Engine Control Unit (PN014) This function supports all

ECUs installed in Peugeot and Citroen from 2001 to 2016 and will be free for all customers who are currently owners of

PN012 with a valid AMS.

- Added PIN code extraction from Valeo BSI modules (utilizing UDS protocol ) 2015+. The new functionality is free for all owners of PN012 with valid AMS.