Dear Customers,

The Abrites team is proud to present its latest addition to the hardware range - a set of cables designed to work with the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes-Benz. The set consists of the following cables and adapters:

- Abrites main connector cable - DB25 cable with multiple banana connectors - Connects to the DB25 connector on the AVDI and allows you to connect to the rest of the cables provided as a part of our solution system;
- Abrites fuse plug - cable with one fuse plug and two banana connectors - used to connect to the ignition fuse of the car (if one is available) in order to be used with the Abrites switch relay cable;
- Abrites switch relay cable - cable with banana connectors and fuse relay - together with the Abrites fuse plug, used to increase the speed of the password extraction process 10 times;
- Abrites CAN H (High), CAN L (Low) Connectors - cable with two banana connectors and two connector needles - made to connect to the Abrites Mercedes Main Cable to perform virginization and module adaptation for ECUs, ISMs, etc.;
- Abrites LIN Connector - single cable with 1 banana connector and one connector needle - this cable is used together with the main cable to connect the K- line to PIN 7 of the OBD as per the DAS manager instructions;
- OBDII Y-connector - OBDII Cable that splits into 1 x F OBDII connector and 1 x M DB25 connector;
- 3-way D-SUB 25 connection box - 2 x M DB25 connectors and 1 x F DB25 connector.

These adapters will be available for purchase on Monday 22 August 2016 and their price will be announced on Friday 19 August 2016. They will appear in the pricelist under the name ZN041 - Abrites cable adapter set for Mercedes Benz.

Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes/ Smart/ Maybach

- !!! HIT !!! Password extraction for the following models (all keys lost) W169, W176, W202, W208, W210, W164 (nec), W221 (nec), W216, W463, X164 (nec), W251 (nec)

- Added new versions for password extraction for W946 for example
- Introduced new functionality to the DAS Manager which allows operation with IR-keys
- Ability for programming of used keys (BGA) with known password
- Additional ease of usage of ABProg together with DAS Manager
- New versions added for dump recognition W220, W946, etc.

No soldering or tokens required. All of the functionality works by diagnostic connection!

This functionality will be FREE for all owners of MN026 with active AMS.

Customers with a valid AMS and the MN026 special function activated will receive their update links on 19 August 2016 at the latest.

Dear Customers, 

We are glad to announce that the latest Abrites Diagnostics for Nissan (ver. 5.4) now has the functionality to read the 20-digit PIN Codes from NIssan vehicles. This functionality will be part of the new NN006 special function and will be FREE for ALL that have had and active AMS and NN005 on 18 July 2016. Please note that the links for this update will be sent out on 23 and 24 July 2016. If the aforementioned conditions have not been met, please consult the pricelist for pricing details. 

Dear Customers, 

We are happy to announce that the latest version of the Abrites Diagnostics for FIAT (version 6.5) will now include new additions to the supported FCA models for PIN code reading and key programming:
- PIN code reading from the RFH module of Fiat 500X, Jeep Renegade, Chrysler 200 2015+, Dodge Dart
- PIN code reading from the BCM module and key preparation by OBDII for Fiat Grande Punto, Fiat 500, Fiat Fiorino (Citroën Nemo/Peugeot Bipper), Alfa Mito

This functionality will be part of the newly established FN017 special function. 


The Abrites team is happy to announce that the RR012 special function will be FREE for all customers who have an active RR010 special function and valid AMS on 24 June 2016. For cases when these conditions have not been met, please consult the pricelist for update prices. 

- Fully operational with HITAG-AES, HITAG-Extended, HITAG-3 (ProTag users). FREE for all users with active AMS.
- Added support for Mercedes FBS2/FBS3 InfraRed  Keys. Key programming by dump of EIS/EZS functionality added. FREE for all users with active AMS.
- Improved Texas TIRIS-AES operation.
- Improved performance for cloning HITAG-2 transponders over TPX3/TPX4.
- Completely new functionality in regards to the automatic identification of transponders and keys (for customers using ProTag). FREE for all users with active AMS.

- ! HIT ! New functionality for Master Key emulation for all Toyota/Lexus/Scion models with smart keys. This means that you no longer have to remove the smart system when all keys are lost (In order to use this function you will need to have the ZN039 adapter).

- New functionality for Emergency Engine Start in case of all keys lost for all Toyota/Lexus/Scion models with smart keys introduced (The ZN039 adapter needs to be used in these situations).

ALL these functionalities are inclulded in the new special function TN006. 

* Currently the TN006 special function is tested on vehicles for the European market. Our development team is currently testing vehicles from other regions of the world.


Dear Customers, please note that the next update to the Abrites diagnostic software is currently  being prepared.

What can you expect?

- Mercedes 9.0

- BMW/Mini 30.2

- Ford/Mazda 6.4

- Volvo 5.1

- Renault/Dacia 7.0

- Peugeot/Citroen 6.10

Who can expect to receive an update?

- All Abrites customers with an active AMS and respective special as indicated in the relevant news items. 

When can you expect the update?

- All customers who have AMS can expect to receive their updates until 27 June 2016.

The Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes version 9.0 is the biggest leap forward since the introduction of the DAS manager.

It features the following new additions:

- HIT! Extracting the password even in the cases where all keys are lost for the following FBS2/ FBS3 based models:

W204, W207, W211, W219, R230, R231, R171, W638, W639, X204, W463, C215, C216, C203, C204, W907

This method requires absolutely no tokens and is the safest possible way to extract the passwords from these vehicles as it is done only by diagnostics (no desoldering or dismantling required).

The update will be provided FREE OF CHARGE to all customers who have the MN026 special function.

- Mileage recalibration support added for the EIS/EZS (NEC) for the following models: W164, W251

The update will be provided FREE OF CHARGE to all customers who have the MN020 special function.

- Added ability to perform personalizing of the ESL/ELV without the need to renew the EZS/EIS.

The update will be provided FREE OF CHARGE to all customers who have the MN026 special function.

- Added enabling of a disabled key position in the EZS/ EIS modules.

The update will be provided FREE OF CHARGE to all customers who have the MN026 special function.

- Renewing and coding of modules software performance improvements for all DAS related modules.

The update will be provided FREE OF CHARGE to all customers who have the MN026 special function.

Abrites diagnostics for BMW version 30.2 builds upon the previous versions and provides new diagnostic and service features such as

- DPF regeneration available for EDC16 and EDC17 DDEs for E and F-series vehicles.

- Injector calibration for diesel and gasoline E and F series vehicles.

FREE for all owners of AVDI with a valid AMS.